How to Become an Enrolled Agent Career Path and Job Description

enrolled agent job

Let’s find out what skills an enrolled agent actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. EAs are a sort of accountant, so you will need to be detail https://simple-accounting.org/ oriented, diligent, and highly analytical. You will need to be comfortable spending long hours analyzing spreadsheets and assessing financial documentation.

enrolled agent job

Even if you are not in a rural area, you might find small-scale farms in urban or suburban areas. These farmers will need help with their tax issues and being versed in this area will provide another level of job security. Exempt organizations often rely on donations to keep afloat. These donations must be accounted for in the companies financial information. Many donors will want to receive tax vouchers for their donations, since they will expect to deduct these from their tax payments.

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After all, while it is important to be in compliance with the IRS, it’s also important to fulfill on any contractual agreements you have with your client. Not only are you required to submit any lawfully requested documentation, but you must also be available to testify before the IRS. In 1913, the federal government began implementing an income tax on citizens of the United States.

Agents were in high demand and would represent these loss claims, often for their own financial gain. For example, their old mare may have suddenly transformed into a thoroughbred stud with a high market value. The agents sought to inflate the losses since they were paid on a percentage, or commission, basis. When the legislature saw that there were more horse-related claims than there were actual horses, they passed a law.

Enrolled Agent Salaries for Entry Level

If you are working as an IRS agent, or desire this route, you will need to apply for enrollment licensing. The application will ask for proof of your experience enrolled agent job with, and knowledge of, the tax code. Essentially, you will need to show that you have knowledge equal to or greater than what is required to pass the SEE.

A great benefit of being an EA is having the ability to work for the IRS or state departments of revenue. This is at the heart of an EAs core duties and responsibilities, and you’ll be guiding people through tax obstacles on a daily basis. Working in government means you’ll likely have better vacation, health, and retirement benefits, as well as increased job security. You may not be paid quite as well as if you worked in the private sector, but you may enjoy knowing you’re working for an entity meant to serve the public. You will conduct interviews and review records to gain an understanding of each taxpayer’s financial status, facilitate resolutions and educate them on the consequences of various courses of action.

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